Meditations, Musings and Music

Meditations, Musings and Music

Being present only happens in every small moment.


Being present only happens in every small moment.

About Adelle

Mindfulness now

Adelle has been a life-long seeker/student of mindful practices.  She believes that awareness and holding space for all experiences with kindness makes life magical.  And, that there is always more to learn. 

Mindful Meditation for your life course

In the online Mindful Meditation for Your Life Course you learn both formal and informal meditation, concentration and awareness practices, enriching your experience of all life has to offer. 


Adelle enjoys writing flash stories and poems using her direct experience and imagination.  If you enjoy her writings, please feel free to offer a few dollars to show your appreciation.  


Adelle enjoys what she calls doodling music, using her voice, imagination and nature to make song.  

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