Meditations, Musings and Music

Mindful Meditation for Your Life

"Happiness lies not in finding what is missing, but in finding what is present." - Tara Brach

Have you ever had the feeling you are missing your Life?

In this 4 week online, live course, you will learn about formal and informal meditation, concentration and awareness practices.  Small group of 4-6 participants.


Week 1 - Introduction to YOUR Practice

Week 2 - Mindfulness of Body and Emotions

Week 3 - Mindfulness of Thoughts

Week 4 - Mindfulness of Compassion for self and others

Sliding Scale $120 - $250 per person


Private Meditation Sessions

Meet with me one on one to "try on" different practices, discuss and fine tune your current meditation practices and intentions for practice. Sliding scale: $50-$150 per hour. 

Take a breath with me

5 Minutes

Introduction to Loving-kindness